Alphabet Soup, Using a Compass, and More

A few highlights from our first FULL week of school:

  • Writing in our Journals
  • Learning “Day and Night” in sign language
  • Reading “Shark in the Park”
  • Attending an assembly in the Auditorium
  • Searching for letters in the newspaper during our Alphabet Soup activity
  • Meeting our Middle School reading buddies (every Thursday afternoon)
  • Beginning Geography (Learning about the globe and using a compass)


Boyd’s bugs have been busy learning this week.  Students are learning about our school expectations in the hallways, on the playground, and more.  I am very proud of each 1st and 2nd grade student.  After our Outdoor Exploration time on Friday, “Using a Compass”, we took a group photo (below).


We also had our first spelling test this week.  Be sure to look inside your child’s Friday Folder for some of their recent assignments, and their first spelling test.  Thank you for all of the learning support you offer your child.  This week I will give each student a separate list of his or her words to keep and practice in the car, at the kitchen table or some other special place.


Homework Reminder

Things coming home:

  • Each Monday students receive their “Spelling Packet”.
  • Each Friday students receive a “Skills Packet”.  (Currently only 1 page)
  • Every other Friday, students will get a new reading log.


  • Skills Packet due
  • Spelling Packet due
  • Spelling Test
  • Reading Logs due (every other week)

Every student will get a new copy of the Reading Log that is due this Friday, September 2nd.  That way if you have misplaced it, or spilled juice on it, everyone can have a fresh, clean reading log.

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