First Trimester PLP’s

We began presenting our Personal Learning Plans (PLP) for the first trimester.  Last week students shared many interesting topics including, “How to Cook Spaghetti” and “Japan”.  As always, if you are available to support your child and attend their PLP presentation, please join us.  If you are not able to attend the presentation, thank you for your at home support conducting research and assisting your child as they plan what they will share with the class.  During the evening, after your child has presented, you may ask your child what types of questions other students asked.  Listed below, are a few examples of popular questions students ask each other.

  • Who helped you with your PLP?
  • What is your favorite picture?  Why?
  • How did you think of your topic?

As a part of the University Schools philosophy we are a student centered school.  Personal Learning Plans are a way for students to share what they have learned and a time for students to teach one another.  November conferences will be here soon.  It is never too early to start planing for our Second Trimester PLP’s.

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