Writer’s Workshop

We recently began an ongoing reading and writing activity called Writer’s Workshop.

During this process 1st and 2nd grade students begin using their reading skills in order to become better writers.




Start – brainstorm the main character, a problem and a solution

Middle – create a book with words and illustrations

Middle – Peer editing

Middle – Conferencing with an adult for final guidance before publishing

End – Publishing (creating a final version of their book with color illustrations)

Instead of a series of steps in a specific order, students make all choices during the process of creating their book.  They decide if they need a conference with an adult (myself or a parent volunteer) while they first form their book.  However, students might wait until the final phases, right before they are ready to publish in order to have an adult assist with last minute spelling corrections, adding commas or other punctuation details.  Writer’s Workshop equips students to be the leaders of their own learning.

Students experience the process of forming an idea, collaborating with friends and ultimately create an end product, a book that each student is proud of.  The best part of Writer’s Workshop is that it is a learner centered activity, instead of a teacher standing at the front of a classroom to teach writing the students will hold a pencil and actively explore the writing process.  Each child chooses when their book is complete, and is then able to begin brainstorming for their next book.

Some students are writing non-fiction.  Others are writing fictional stories.  Some students are writing to inform, while others are writing to entertain.  A few students have developed a “Table of Contents” in the beginning of the book.  Most importantly, all students are excited about reading, writing and creating their book.


Please contact me if you would like to volunteer during this time (9:55-10:45), or if you are interested in stoping by to experience what students are currently exploring and writing about.

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