One Week Until School Begins

School begins in one week.  So much is new; school supplies, back-to-school clothing, maybe a new backpack.

Although these items are important, even more important than a new lunch box (and the material aspects) is the value of spending time with school friends again, while sitting down for lunch or having fun during recess.

In order to best equip your student/s for a successful start, now is a good time to think about the first day of school (7 days in advance).  Many children spend the summer with a different sleep schedule.  It can benefit your family as you transition back to the early morning schedule to start adjusting bedtime schedules now.

Another great way to plan for success is to find a space for homework and reading.  Establishing a space in advance can create excitement and motivation towards learning.  This will also help your new 3rd or 4th grader develop much needed organizational skills.

Lastly, try something new this school year.  If in past school years the same problem regularly occurs, change the system.  Are lunches being packed last minute?  Make lunches the night before.  Has your student forgotten the right type of footwear for P.E. class?  Buy a pair of tennis shoes to keep at school.  Whatever you know will help your child toward success!

The 2012-2013 school year will be full of great learning and fun.  See everyone in a week!

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