History Guest Speaker

Last week, we had Betsy Chisolm join us as a History Guest Speaker.  She shared great history and knowledge about Fur Traders and Trappers adventuring to Colorado.

Betsy also created an interactive two day experience (Mon. & Fri.) in order for students to begin to explore the concept of history.

Where do we get the information from?  (Primary and Secondary sources).  How do we know the information is credible?

Students were in small groups as they visited multiple history stations set up in our classroom.  We really appreciate Betsy’s special visit to enhance our learning experiences.

Special Announcement: 

Watch local, Betsy Chisolm be a contestant on Jeopardy! Monday, October 22nd, on Channel 7 ABC at 5:58pm, or come to the Kress Theater, downtown Greeley at 5:30 for family-friendly snacks and see the show on the big screen in the company of trivia lovers of all ages.

What an exciting connection our students have with someone so intelligent and kind.  Thank you Betsy!!!  We would love to have you join our class for more learning fun anytime.

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