Partner Poetry

We have recently started reading poetry with a partner on Friday.  This new activity is a part of building oral expression and fluency as readers.  After partners have gone through the poem a few times, they are able to discuss and chart their progress.  Next, students are encouraged to reflect on the meaning of the poem and share by writing a few sentences.

Everyone seems to really enjoy our new “Fluency Friday” activity.  As the weeks progress, our poems will become more and more challenging.  

Speaking of poems… next week we will begin working on our Snow Poems during Writer’s Notebook.  We haven’t spent much time with poetry writing this year, so it is something students are really going to enjoy.

Also next week, we have A Christmas Carol the play.  The play will be Friday morning and we will leave school after Music (8:00-8:30). We should return to school by 11:45 to eat a quick lunch before our afternoon continues.

Originally, we didn’t think parents would be able to join us (due to seating capacity in the auditorium venue).  However, after a series of events, including not all 26 students attending, I have one extra ticket to the play.

If you are interested and able to join us, the extra ticket will be given to the first parent who responds.

Thank you so much for all of your support as parents.  A Christmas Carol is a challenging text for our students to read and comprehend, so a special thanks to any parents helping a 3rd or 4th grade student navigate the “Old English”.  Have a great time together as a family this weekend.

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