2013-2014: Student Council

voteDuring the 2013-2014 school year Student Council will be different.

Each trimester a new class representative (or class president) will be elected.

If you are interested in running for class representative you will need to know the following dates:

  • Monday, September 23 – Tell Mrs. Boyd you want to run for class representative
  • Tuesday, September 24 – Turn in your speech for approval (written or typed)
  • Wednesday, September 25 – Speeches and class election (voting)
  • Thursday, September 26 – First student council meeting of the school year

Student Council meetings will be held every other Thursday from 11:15-11:45 in classroom 1322 (Mrs. Hott).  It will be important for our class representative to have the following qualitites:

  1. Be organized (remember to go to meetings and take notes)
  2. Be healthy (avoiding absences so you can attend Student Council)
  3. Be a good student (all homework must be turned in on a regular basis)
  4. Honesty (so we can trust the information you share)

We have 24 amazing 4th grade students.  Most students in our class could easily handle the job of class representative (or class president).  Unfortunately, only one student can be elected this trimester.  Please, don’t let that discourage you, the more you practice speaking in front of our class, the better you will be!  We will support and encourage all candidates.


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