Global Experiences

oneAfter a long school week with 5 days of indoor recess, students were able to learn about something new and special.


This was our last week with Yujin visiting from Korea.  To conclude our time together she prepared a really fun lesson on how to use chopsticks.  All of the students had a blast and even competed in a chop stick relay race.

twoUniversity Schools offers great opportunities to our students.  Having teachers visit from countries all around the world is one of the special opportunities our 4th graders have enjoyed this school year.  So far we have had the following 3 teachers visit.

  • Carlos – from El Salvado
  • Mertila – from Honduras
  • Yujin – from South Korea

threeI will continue to look into programs and opportunities for more global visits in the future.  How fantastic that our students have had the global experiences with three different teachers.  Some of our students will grow up and travel for business, or even work abroad.  Let’s encourage our kids to dream BIG!


Good News:  We now have parent volunteers for all 3 April field trips and students have volunteered to bring in treats for Friday’s Valentine’s Day party.  Thanks!

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