Ameritowne Primary Elections

primary electionsIn January, our class has the opportunity to spend the day at Young Ameritowne in Lakewood, Colorado.  Over the past few weeks students have been busy studying government and financial learning .

At the end of the week student’s “Job Applications” were due.  We had 4 students interested in the job of mayor and 5 students who applied to be the judge.  Since Ameritowne can only have one judge and one mayor (out of the 118 4th graders attending) we have a series of elections.  The primary elections were held on Friday.  Jayden (judge) and Jazmine (mayor) won the primary elections and will move on to the official elections this Tuesday morning in the Auditorium.  These candidates, who represent our class will do their best to deliver meaningful speeches towards the hope of being elected.

Ameritowne has been a great learning experience so far.  Students seem very excited for our special day in January when we will bring Ameritowne to life.

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