Young Ameritowne

Wow!  Our day at Young Ameritowne is a day we believe our students will remember forever.  Thank you for all of our parent volunteers.

All of the 4th grade students did a remarkable job bringing the town to life.  Our students each worked very hard, no matter what their job title or place of business.  Have fun hearing all about our amazing day of learning.

Our arrival to Ameritowne.


Young Ameritowne opening ceremony.


Bank tellers hard at work, as employees cash their pay checks.YA-3

Chezdence employed as a career counselor at the college.YA-4

Alek requesting a song at the radio station, as Megan the station manager approves.YA-5

 Owen a busy accountant at “Parcel Services”.  Owen wrote dozens of checks!


Hannah visiting the “Parts and Service Shop” to inquire about car maintenance.YA-7

Raelee working for the newspaper, scanning and editing the advertisements for print.YA-8

Kian a personal trainer working out with Tyler at the Fitness Center.YA-9


Damon busy making deliveries wearing an official brown uniform of UPS.YA-10

Evan checking the mail for all of the postcards our students sent.YA-11

Cordelia’s day was non-stop as the Snack Shop was one of the most popular places.YA-13

Mikayla was a great manager and had many skilled employees like Ethan and Jayse.YA-14

Katie also had a busy day working at the television station.  Lots of video editing!YA-15

Logan still has a smile on his face after being arrested for a second time.YA-16

Jayden and Neutron just picked up Damon in the ambulance.  I believe he was diagnosed with blurred vision and dry mouth, but he should be fine in the future.


Ask your child all about our amazing day at Ameritowne!

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