New Member of the Family

Griffin Boyd-088-(ZF-4159-88697-1-088)On Tuesday, March 3 our son, Griffin Odyssey Boyd was born.  He is a healthy, happy baby, and was born weighing 8 lb 8 oz, and was 21 inches long (tall).  Griffin is growing quickly, he already weighs over 10 pounds and is getting stronger every day!

Lincoln, Griffin’s BIG brother loves him so much.  So far Lincoln has helped a lot with the baby.  He will bring Griffin a stuffed animal to see, and when I change Griffin’s diapers Lincoln always volunteers to throw the dirty diaper into the garbage.

Having two little guys around is a lot of work.  I really miss teaching and being with each of you.  It sounds like everyone is enjoying Mrs. Yoder and she is a great teacher for all of you.  Continue to enjoy 4th grade because in only two more months you will be a 5th grader.  Keep working hard, learning everyday.  You will need to know a lot of important information before you enter 5th grade!

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