Ameritowne Primary Elections

elections 1Today we had Ameritowne Primary Elections.  It was a great day to celebrate student leadership.  Six students total decided to run in the primary elections.  Although each student is a great leader, only two students could win our class primary elections and go on to the official 4th grade Ameritowne elections with all 117 fourth grade students.  elections 2

At 9:00 on  Thursday, January 7th, ten students will give speeches in the Auditorium.  Five of these students will be running for Mayor of Ameritowne and the other five students will be judicial candidates to be elected as Towne Judge.  (Yes, Ameritowne and Towne hall have an “e” at the end.)  With the help of high school students all 4th grade students will participate in official job interviews at 9:00 on Wednesday, January 6.  Our students will both submit a job application, as well as complete one-on-one job interviews just like in real life.  We are really enjoying our realistic learning experiences.  Congratulations to Michael (running for judge) and Peyton (running for Mayor).  Best of luck to both of these individuals from our class.

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