Young Ameritowne Jobs

Countdown to AmeritowneAfter a long process of submitting job applications and interviews, the official job posting was completed today.  Ask your student about their job for Ameritowne.  The job training begins on Friday, February 12 for the five different job areas.  Job training will continue for two additional days: Monday, February 15 and Tuesday, February 16.  During this time your child will be in one of the five job training sessions:

  • Managers
  • Accountants
  • Media
  • Sales
  • Quality Control

All of these groups will be with a specific fourth grade teacher.  For example, I will conduct job training with the managers, and guide them towards becoming great leaders for our day at Ameritowne.  All of the job training groups will work hard and learn a lot in order to prepare for our BIG day at Young Ameritowne.  Friday, February 26 will be a very exciting day!

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