Valentines Day STEM Project

Catapult-1What a fantastic way to celebrate a holiday!


Our students enjoyed a busy day of learning together.  All 4th grade students started the morning with Ameritowne job training.



Before lunch students split into 4 groups and began researching:

  • What is a catapult?
  • How does it work?
  • What does projectile mean?
  • What is a simple machine?



After lunch we exchanged Valentines, took a spelling and vocabulary test, and once again got into groups for our Catapult STEM project.  At this point, groups received materials.  Group discussions on how to begin construction began.  Then the scientific process of trying the catapult.  Recognizing problems, then making a modification to the simple machine and trying again.

Catapult-4We ended our day on the playground to experiment launching candy hearts.  The farthest candy heart was measured to have traveled a distance of 18 yards.  Not bad.

Great team work from all STEM project groups.  (No candy hearts were harmed during this experiment.)

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