An Amazing Day at Ameritowne

A-1What a memorable day!!!

Our 4th grade students became the citizens of Young Ameritowne in Lakewood, CO.  Over 100 University Schools students became managers, accountants, doctors, police officers, investment consultants, personal trainers, cashiers and dozens more career fields and opportunities.A-2

The day began with students gathered in Towne Square as the mayor, judge and police officers pledged to be honest and trustworthy to all citizens.  The day quickly began and shops opened for business.  Citizens immediately went to the bank to deposit money into their accounts as well as take out cash to spend.  Students used debit cards that were actually connected with the money in their bank account.

A-2AA-3A-4A-5A-6A-7A-8A-9A-10A-11A-12A-13A-14What an amazing day of real life experience our students will use in the future.  Thank you again to the parents involved.  A special thanks to the Success Foundation for granting each student $20 towards this lifelong experience of learning.

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