Double Walking Field Trips

Farr Library - 2016Wednesday afternoon our students were invited on a “behind the scenes” tour of the Farr Library.  Kristen and Valerie (librarians) who took us on our tour gave students a scavenger hunt to look for Colorado animals in the various stained glass windows throughout Farr Library.

During the”behind the scenes” tour students learned about the electronic book return machine, book exchange system between high plains libraries, as well as a visit to the digital library with Jeremy.  Thank you to the High Plains employees and parent volunteers who joined us for our experience.  What an awesome look at how our library system works.

Thursday we also went on a walking field trip to Grace Pointe.  It was wonderful to return to this senior community and perform again (we previously visited December).  Students sang songs and even performed a few tongue twisters.  Our very talented students gave cards to the community members of Grace Pointe.  Before we left, our students were given homemade lemonade, cream puffs and mini cinnamon rolls.  What a sweet treat and a wonderful way to spend our afternoon.

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