Young Ameritowne Primary Elections

Today our class held the primary election for our day at Young Ameritowne.  Although we do not visit Lakewood, Colorado and spend a day at Ameritowne until Wednesday, March 8, the democratic process of electing student government officials has begun.

The following students gave a speech and ran in the primary elections:

  • Mayor: Brevon, Cadence, Gracie and Medardo
  • Judge: Caybree, Owen, and Teddy

After holding our class elections we were excited to announce the primary candidates representing our 4th grade class are Brevon Doss and Teddy Rothe.

We are inviting 4th grade family members to join on Thursday, February 16, at 9:00 in the Auditorium for our official election speeches.  We will have special adult guest speakers sharing from their experiences in these positions (as judge and mayor).

On Thursday, February 16th, ten students will deliver speeches.  Two students from each of the five 4th grade classes, representing both a candidate for mayor, as well as a candidate for judge.  We will support Brevon and Teddy as they prepare to share their speeches and thoughts on why they would be the best mayor or judge of Ameritowne.

Thank you for your involvement as parents.  We have a field trip to the state capitol coming up on Wednesday, February 15, the day before “Ameritowne Election Day”.  Please let me know if you are able to join us as a volunteer.

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