A Monumental Day of Learning

Our class had a great time touring our state capitol.  The visit was very exciting as most students have never set foot inside an official governmental establishment of that magnitude.

We began our day in the attic and learned some of the history of Denver as a city.  It was interesting to learn about the original architecture of the capitol building, as well as see pictures and artifacts of the past.

Next, students were invited to carefully climb several stairs up to the dome.  Our class was inside the dome which is incredible.  It was even better when our tour guide invited us out onto the exterior balcony.  Students noticed the beautiful mountain views, but also recognized the nearby Denver Mint.

After descending the countless stairs, students were escorted to the rotunda (a round stairwell area with wooden benches) to eat lunch.  It’s easy to imagine that after all of our walking and numerous stairs our students were thrilled to eat an early lunch.


We began our afternoon with a lesson on the centennial quilt and shared a snapshot into Colorado history and the incredible women who changed Colorado.  The most incredible element of the quilt is that over 3,000 men and women helped create the masterpiece.

We ended our day with a legislative visit and were even invited to enter the Senate where so many important decisions are made.

I believe our 4th grade students truly experienced something wonderful and important, as they will be the individuals who change our world.  Who knows?  One of our very own University Bulldogs may find themselves returning to listen to an active legislative session, or perhaps even take the seat as “Speaker” someday.

A special thank you goes to our two parent volunteers.  It is always helpful to have parents join and help us learn more!  Thank you!

Check out “Dates” on our class website for upcoming dates, events and even more field trips.  Maybe you can join us for hiking and outdoor exploration in May?  

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