Amazing day at Young Ameritowne

Our fourth grade students had the best day ever at Young Ameritowne in Lakewood, Colorado.  For the past two months our students have been preparing and learning which includes: job applications,  job interviews, money management skills, business sense, government, economics and so much more.

Our students brought the entire “Towne” to life.  We are grateful for our parent volunteers who joined us and helped support our student learners in the various shops and organizations.

By the end of our very busy day the Ameritowne Newspaper was selling copies to everyone.  Students will save their debit card, checkbook, and a copy of the newspaper in their Elementary Portfolio.  We hope that this helps our students treasure the memories of their special day.


After returning from spring break students will gather in business groups to reflect on their financial performance.  Some companies did fantastic with sales and made a profit.  Other organizations could barely repay their bank loan and cover employee paychecks.

Young Ameritowne also sends us the checking account balances for each 4th grade student.  Did your child stick to a budget?  Did they spend too much money on their debit card?  Some students were very generous and donated large amounts of Ameritowne cash to real life charities.


Thank you again for supporting student exploration opportunities we provide for our learners at University Schools.

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