History in Present Day 2017

On Friday, our 4th grade students had the unique opportunity to not only visit the History Colorado Center but they also went on a Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Denver.  As our tour guide took us to various locations students were able to appreciate history that students can now recognize downtown in present day Denver.


Our day started with a visit to the History Colorado Center.  When I later asked students what their favorite part of the day was, almost everyone shared that the Dust Bowl experience was their favorite.  Steve, our tour guide taught us about everything from life on the plains, to trading at forts, and even guided students as they explored the various resources from Bison.  

During our visit it seems like we literally traveled back in time.  This opportunity isn’t only for school groups, your family can visit the History Colorado Center to learn about Colorado’s incredible history.

After lunch we went to Union Station to meet our tour guide.

Linda was our Historic Walking Tour Guide and she was very knowledgeable about Union Station, various downtown hotels, and shared about previous companies that formerly occupied buildings.  Our students had interesting questions and ideas about history during the tour.

Overall it was a great day of learning how to recognize history in our present day lives.

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