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Waves: Engineering Communication Signals

During our Waves and Information Transfer Unit, students were given the challenge to find a problem at school and find a solution through creating a communication signal. All signals had to include light waves or sound waves. Students used circuits … Continue reading

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Nonfiction: Natural Disaster Magazines

After a four week process of studying nonfiction text features and conducting research, our students completed their Natural Disaster Magazines and shared with 1st grade students. The first steps were to fully understand the various nonfiction text features. These concepts … Continue reading

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Lightning Museum

Our visit to the Lightning Museum was great. Students were able to explore their energy learning and make new science discoveries. Many students learned new vocabulary words and expanded their science concepts. Students even experimented with static electricity. Some were … Continue reading

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Rube Goldberg Machines

Over the past week, our students have been designing and creating Rube Goldberg Machines during our energy unit (science learning). During the 1930s and 1940s Rube Goldberg a cartoonist, became known for his drawings of complex machines that would accomplish … Continue reading

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Biome Learning

Our 4th grade students have partnered with our 7th grade students for Science Learning. Recently, we visited the middle school to participate in a Biome Learning experiences that the 7th grade students designed. Different groups represented various biomes (grasslands, desert, … Continue reading

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Cookie Mining – Rainforest Learning

Yesterday, our students made connections with rainforest destruction and how mining can destroy the rainforest. When individuals mine for various resources, they destroy everything and it is no longer a suitable habitat for plants and animals.   Our students used … Continue reading

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Suwolbong Geological Wonder

Today our 4th grade students had the exciting opportunity to visit Suwolbong Peak which is truly a geological wonder.  Students reflected on how Jeju Island was formed and how today we find mostly volcanic rocks (igneous).  Next, students noticed the … Continue reading

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Exploring Erosion and Weathering

Our students have been busy learning some excellent vocabulary: erosion, weathering, and deposition. First students studied landscapes that had experienced weathering and erosion.  Students made predictions about why or when the changes occurred.  What did the land look like 100 … Continue reading

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Outdoor Exploration Field Trip

On Friday, our class enjoyed an incredible day of “Outdoor Exploration”. We began our day hiking Devil’s Backbone.  We were fortunate to enjoy this amazing, natural habitat before it became to hot for comfort.  Student highlights included a stop at the … Continue reading

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Investigating Nature: Science Connections

Our 4th grade students were exhausted after a busy day at the Poudre Learning Center. We began our day investigating insects and discussing the stages of growth and development of various grassland insects. Next, we investigated aquatic macro-invertebrates and learned … Continue reading

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