A busy September

In the Classroom:

Thank you for your attendance and support during PLP conferences last week.  I am excited for each of the student’s goals and project plans.

A special thank you for Mrs. Aurzada, Ella’s mom, as she visited our classroom last week as a guest speaker.  We appreciate Stacey Aurzada as she shared about Greeley, and how she works and cares for the city each day.

This week we are transitioning from Geography (for the time being) to focus on Earth Science for the next few weeks.

Instead of a “Skills Packet”, this Friday students will bring home an outdoor activity for the weekend.  As observers of science we will observe both the day sky and the night sky.  Please take the time to go outside with your student during the evening.  Make some observations on what you see in the night sky.  Then write down some of these observations.  Thank you for taking the time to become a geoscientist with your child.


Around our school:

Next week, we will not have a “Spelling Packet” either.  Friday, September 30th is our official school wide count day.  We would like to ensure that all students attend and arrive on time, ready to learn.  We will have a Sing Along on Friday, and lots of other fun activities in our class.  Make sure everyone stays healthy and gets lots of rest, so they do not miss out.

For the students who sold enough items during the fundraiser and earned the “Limo Ride Lunch”, this will take place in October, after the fundraising products have been delivered.

Today in our school library Homework Help began.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, Homework Help will occur until 4:00.  I would like to encourage our students to attend and receive help on our homework, or reviewing for a spelling test.  If your child has no homework assignments they can ask an honors middle school or honors high school student to read them a book.  They can even take an AR test after they finish a book.







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