Rocks and Minerals

Since the start of our school year students have been busy studying Rocks and Minerals.  Although we only have a few times during our school week dedicated to Unit (Science and Social Studies) these have been great times of learning and enrichment.

Each student selected a rock to write about.  The scientific description included color, shape, size, texture and more detail.

After weeks of studying rocks and minerals, we concluded last week (on Friday) with a student created game.  We sat in a big circle on the carpet, with an array of rocks in front of us.  Each student selected a scientific description written by someone else and tried to guess which rock was their rock.  As a class, we quickly discovered the more detailed we are in our writing, the more easily someone could identify the rock.

We will have one final Rock and Mineral activity on Monday, but then we roll right into our next Unit.





You might think of this week as “History Week”, since it includes the following activities:

  • Starting our Colorado History Unit (this week)
  • On Wednesday we visit Centennial Village for History Fest
  • On Friday we have a guest speaker, Abraham Lincoln visiting from 2:00-3:00 in the large gym.

Hold on tight and let the history learning begin!

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