3rd Trimester Kick Off!

We are just starting the 3rd trimester of the school year.  This will be an important time for students to focus on pushing themselves as readers, writers, mathematical learners and more.  We want all students to end the school year feeling confident as they transition to 4th or 5th grade.

All students had success with completing their PLP and achieving their personal learning goals.  As we prepare for 3rd trimester students will set a research goal to learn about a specific U.S. president.  If a student has additional learning goals they would like to set, we can have multiple goals as their 3rd trimester PLP.

3rd trimester holds a lot of great learning including Government, Energy and Matter, a special poetry project, new math concepts, and much more!

harry-potter-booksOn another note, we have something to add to our classroom wish list.  We currently have a few Harry Potter books that are literally falling apart.  Students have requested new Harry Potter books for our classroom library.  If you or someone you know has any Harry Potter books (or ideally the entire series) we would love to welcome these books either new or used into our classroom library.

Last month students entered a handwriting contest by writing letters to the president.  Although none of our students were personally recognized, we are on an official list of over 14,000 students nationwide who participated.

Incase you cannot find our Conference Schedule; you can click here for a copy.  Also, please visit our class website for important upcoming dates.

Thanks for supporting all of the students as they learn and grow!

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