Extra Curricular Opportunities

Our 4th and 5th grade students have several extra curricular opportunities to consider.

  • Athletic Teams (seasonal information available on school website)
    • football, volleyball, cheerleading, etc.
  • Drama Dogs (during student lunchtime, Tuesday and Thursday)
    • These students have explored storytelling and various improvisational activities, as many consider performing arts opportunities in the future.
  • Honors Choir (meets after school one day a week, Wednesday)
    • The Honors Choir is a very talented group of vocal students who are learning how to sing and recognize different vocal parts.  They even perform in our community on a regular basis.
  • Battle of the Books
    • Yesterday was the District Competition and a University Schools 4th grade team took second place.  We are very proud of Kevin and Kohl students from our class.
  • Chautauqua (currently meets Monday after 2:00, early dismissal) Chautauqua - Samara
    • Two students from our class will attend the historical event at Centennial Village next week.  Samara even performed for our class, acting and becoming Princess  KaÊ»iulani, from Hawaii.  We also enjoyed a 5th grade student who became Rosa Parks, as well as two middle school students who became Helen Keller and Ann Sullivan.  Students may select any person with historical value.  They will spend months researching and eventually dress up and become their individual.


Our 4th grade students, have a lot to consider for next school year as they become 5th grade students.  It is wonderful for our elementary students to have so many extra curricular opportunities at such a young age.  Why wait until high school or middle school?  If your 4th grade student wasn’t involved this year, they can become involved as a 5th grade student.

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