T’was the Night Before Christmas – Compare and Contrast

the-night-before-christmas-1Over the past two weeks our 4th grade students participated in a compare and contrast project.  We studied the poem T’was Night Before Christmas, written by Clement C. Moore.  Our class had 18 different copies of the book, The Night Before Christmas.  Students completed a compare and contrast activity researching the publisher, copyright, cost of the book and more.the-night-before-christmas-2

Each version of the book had unique illustrations and elements.  Students used fantastic detail and language as they wrote about the various images and pictures.  A few examples of student writing include:

“I noticed the ground was kind of faded and you could see Santa flying in the sky.  The sky was blue, purple and a bit light blue.” – Caybree

“Jan Brett’s style is like an old wood cabin feel.  I noticed so much detail.” – Brevon

“The illustrator used a lot of patterns in the book. It looked like someone glued the pieces together to create the pictures. The cover even looks like it is snowing.” – Makayla

“In the version Christopher Wormell illustrated his pictures were very real.  This book had a lot of WOW to it.” – Chase

the-night-before-christmas-3Yesterday we attended the play, The Night Before Christmas told from the perspective of the mouse.  This was an exciting performance featuring a multigenerational cast and crew.  We are impressed by the high quality performances the Stampede Theatre Troupe create and share with our community.

We ended our day by watching a short animated movie, The Night Before Christmas, also told from the perspective of the mouse.  The movie version was very different from the play.  Students used a Venn Diagram to take notes and compare the different versions of “The Night Before Christmas”.  What a fun learning activity!  If your child wants to challenge themselves further, encourage them to memorize the famous Christmas poem.  The Poetry Foundation has a printable version.  Our long break from school will allow plenty of time to read and practice this classic poem.

“But I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

(originally published in 1823)

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