Earth Day Movie and a Baby Pine Tree

Our 4th grade students enjoyed seeing the Earth Day Movie created by Disneynature.

Born in China is one of the best nature movies our students have ever seen.  They experienced the animals of China and learned about the various habitats throughout the large country.


We recognize that Earth Day was on Saturday, April 22 but we’ve been busy with testing and Student Treasures.  However, I am sure our 4th grade students would agree that everyday is a great day to care about our planet Earth.

In fact, today our “Fourth Grade Foresters” brought home baby pine trees.  These trees appear to be tiny pine branches, but if planted carefully and well loved they can grow quite a lot.

Check out the baby pine tree that I planted six years ago.  It was originally a tiny “pine branch” too.

Who knows how tall those pine trees could grow in the future?

If you are unable to plant the tree right away, they can live in the refrigerator for a week or two.  (Just add a little water.)

Happy planting!


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