Waves: Engineering Communication Signals

During our Waves and Information Transfer Unit, students were given the challenge to find a problem at school and find a solution through creating a communication signal. All signals had to include light waves or sound waves. Students used circuits and batteries to create actual functioning signals with lights or even sound (buzzers, songs, or beeps).

A food cart signal to assist as cafeteria employees deliver lunch to various parts of campus.

Small groups of students were very creative as they found realistic problems they wanted to solve. Ideas included a playground light to communicate when it’s a bad air quality day and it is unhealthy for students to run outside. Another idea was a cafeteria light system to help students know when lunch was ending, when they can clear their trays, and line up for the playground. Other ideas included composing songs and using sound waves with various patterns to alert students throughout the school day.

The Air Quality Signal to help students understand when it is safe or unsafe on the playground.

As a culmination to the learning process, students presented their ideas and attempted to persuade other students of the value and importance of creating their communication signal. All groups were poised and professional as they communicated the importance and value of the various innovative ideas. Nice work young engineers!

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