The Polar Express and Math Learning

As we begin our large break from school, don’t forget to have fun reading, and even visit the public library for some good books.

We concluded our Unit on The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg.  Have fun exploring his website and discover dozens of other great books written and illustrated by Van Allsburg.


As a class, we acted out the story.


Everyday 1st grade students spend their math hour in our classroom, exploring new concepts and ideas.  The second grade students visit Mrs. Duran’s classroom each day during their hour of math learning.





Recently, 1st grade students concluded a geometry topic, and also explored various pattern structures (AB, AAB, ABB, ABC, etc).




The 2nd grade students have learned about adding two digit numbers, as they discuss the magic box.  Feel free to ask your child about what they have been learning at school.

Great conversations could occur through asking specific questions, such as the following examples:

  • What is a new word you learned in Spanish?  What country table do you sit at?  (Argentina?)
  • Can you sing me a song from Music?  (“We will Jingle” is a fun one.)
  • During P.E., what is your favorite game or activity? (Snakes Alive is a fun game!)
  • Who do you typically sit with at lunch?  What is mix-it up day?
  • What is your favorite art material Mrs. Carver has let you use this year?
  • When you walk into math, how do you begin learning each day?
  • Tell me about a book you want to take an A.R. test on?  How many times have you read the story?

Enjoy conversation with your child.

Don’t forget about the learning games and activities on our class website.

We hope everyone has a wonderful time resting during our large break from school.

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