More than 100 Days of School

On Tuesday we celebrated our 100th day of School.  It is official, we have been in school for more than 100 days.  All of the 1st and 2nd grade students are 100 days smarter.

Last week, 6th grade math students visited our classroom for geometry learning.


These 6th grade students prepared stories inspired by Tangram illustrations.



Once they finished reading their Tangram story to their 1st or 2nd grade partner, our students were able to explore and create their own images from these geometric shapes.


Thanks 6th grade math students!



Sandy is a Spellbinder Storyteller.  She is visiting our class once a month to share stories that relate with our learning.  Next she plans to share biographies.  We love listening to the stories Sandy shares.

This week we have been busy with our Personal Learning Plan (PLP) presentations.  Next week holds Valentine’s Day fun.  I hope that you have fun creating your Valentine’s Day box.  We have a classroom full of very creative students!

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