Guest Speakers

January has been a month full of guest speakers.

We began the New Year with inviting University Schools alumni Millie Schbrieman to return as a guest speaker.  She shared about her senior project, last year, a large painting in our school library (the Cove).  She spent approximately 300 hours and included dozens of popular book characters.  Students were able to ask her many questions.

Yesterday, Miss Rodeo Colorado visited our school.  She shared about the history of the rodeo in Colorado.  All of the 1st and 2nd grade students enjoyed her and Miss Rodeo North Dakota’s visit.  These guests were thanks to Trent Johnson (Collin’s dad) of Greeley Hat Works.  He creates the hats for Miss Rodeo Colorado each year.


We also learned about the history of Miss Rodeo Colorado’s crown (on top of the hat).  It represents Colorado with turquoise and was handmade by a Native American artist in the early 70’s when Miss Rodeo Colorado first began.

Do you know which state held the first rodeo?  Colorado!

We learned so much thanks to our guest speakers this month.

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