History Fest 2013

TipiWe had such a great day of learning.  Centennial Village had so many activities for us to explore.

We’ve been learning about the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.  Students were able to step into a tipi and imagine this as their home.

While other students were busy learning how to gamble like the tribes.  According to our teacher at Centennial Village, some Native Americans used this “gambling game” to trade valuable items.Gambling with the tribe







The 4th graders learned about the Civil War and actually became soldiers in a company.  We learned how to load and fire a musket, how to march, what soldiers may have eaten, what their uniform was like, and students even crawled into the tiny tents soldiers slept in.

Ask your child about some of the other things we learned about and explored.

  • Paleo Hunters
  • Various types of arrow heads
  • Baking bread in a Orno (oven of Adobe homes)
  • Black Smiths (and making nails)
  • Washing laundry (without a washing machine)
  • Sewing Machines
  • Quilting
  • Giant Wagon Wheels
  • Making Corn Husk Dolls
  • Outdoor Games (like Croquet and Horseshoes)
  • Chickens on the loose, and much more.

Group Laundry

Alison doing laundry

Paleo Hunting

Arrow Heads

Grinding corn


horseshoes game

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