Student Treasures

researchOur 4th grade students are busy writing books that will be published by Student Treasures.  One copy will be published for FREE and added to our school library.  Elementary students love to check out each others published books.  In a few years, when your 4th grader is in middle school, the librarians will “retire” the Student Treasures books and send them home.  In many cases, the books are still in good shape.  However, since our school library is used by over 700 active readers K-5, some books could be lost or damaged.

I’ve recently sent home a Student Treasures order form if you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book for your family or perhaps a grandparent.  Each copy is about $20.  These books are expensive, but hopefully that will encourage our students to do their best work.writing

Some students have expressed interest in having a picture of themselves on the cover of the book.  Many books have pictures of authors and this allows a reader to know who wrote the book.  If you have an extra school picture or another appropriate picture that you would like to send to school, eventually students will design the cover of their book.

Our publishing date is currently set as Friday, April 18.  All books will need to be complete and ready to be mailed by this day.

Students may choose to type or use neat handwriting.  Many students will begin to use time in the evening or weekend to work on their book.  Thank you for encouraging your young author.

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