A BIG Week

BOB PosterOur 4th graders have had a BIG week!

Students are busy working on their Student Treasures books.  We started a new math topic (Area and Perimeter).

College students from UNC started joining our class for Read Alouds.  Each college student meets with about 4 fourth grade students.  During their half hour they read books and have discussions.  Some college students even plan activities that enhance the learning.  We will have UNC Read Alouds for two more weeks.Seriously Chautauqau

On top of all of our classroom learning, many students in our class have participated in extra-curricular activities.  Yesterday, 3 of our students performed at Centennial Village as a part of a historical acting group called Chautauqua.  We also had a team of 5 of our students compete in Battle of the Books.  All of the students did great!  We are so proud of the hard work and effort our students put forth.  Great work everyone!!!

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