Time Travel Plays

play-2Today, students performed their Time Travel plays for our class.  Mr. Mazurana and Dr. Gerner joined the audience too.

A few weeks ago, we enjoyed Jackie & Me the play and the book Jackie & Me.  The story featured a kid who can time travel to the past with the use of baseball cards.  Inspired by the concept students wrote their own time travel stories.

play-1Next, students joined together in small groups.  Everyone had a chance to share their time travel stories and select one story to write into a play.  Each group created a script with setting, costume, and many other details.

Our 4th graders are a very talented group of students.  Something to consider is that Middle school and high school drama are both available at University Schools.


NOTE:  Any students whose PLP includes a class presentation will have a chance to share their PLP on one of the following mornings:  Wednesday, May 21 or Wednesday, May 28. Students may pick the more convenient date.

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