A Super School Year

bulldog with red capeIncase the postcard wasn’t clear, we are going to have a “Super Hero” theme for our classroom this year.  Upon entering our classroom it is apparent to see that our class will be set apart, and rather “SUPER”.

Our class is the first class ever at University Schools to be “chair less” and have stability balls for each student to use during learning.  Our school was founded in 1891, which means that it is almost 125 years old.  In the past 125 years, you will be one of the first University bulldogs to sit on a stability ball while you learn.  Excited?

product-safety-imgStudies have shown that students will learn more when they have the movement and flexibility that an exercise ball offers.  In fact, our USPTO (University Schools Parent Teacher Organization) gave our classroom a grant (money) in order to buy a class set of stability balls.  The balls were purchased from WittFitt, feel free to checkout there website and learn more about the learning benefits.

The company makes them in all sizes for kindergarten to college learners.  The 4th grade size is blue in case you were curious.


allballswittfittNow just like great super heroes like Spider Man, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  During the first few weeks of the school year, students will learn about the history of the stability ball.  When were they first invented?  Why?  Where are the stability balls manufactured? (Hint: they were not made in China.)

After students have successfully learned about the stability balls both students and parents will sign a contract in order to safely use this “chair alternative” all school year.

What an exciting 4th grade year!!!  Hope you are ready to feel like a super hero and make history at University Schools.

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