Reading Projects “Gallery Walk”

Gallery - 1Friday was our first annual Summer Reading Projects “Gallery Walk”.  The experience was so fantastic, that we decided this event should happen every fall.

Students had the opportunity to walk from classroom to classroom seeing all of the projects our 4th grade students completed.Gallery - 2

It was really neat to enjoy such a wide variety of creative works.

Some students focused on a writing project, while other students created works of visual art.  It was very impressive to see the efforts towards expanding on the literature that was read.  Almost all of our students shared projects.  However, with a few new Bulldogs that just started at University Schools we might enjoy seeing a few more projects in the next week or so, as additional projects are completed at home.

Gallery - 3Just because the “Gallery Walk” is over, it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to share projects and ideas that result after reading great books.  Especially since we will start our Reading Groups this week.  In about one month as groups complete their books, they will get to create a project to share with our class.  This is a very special part of being in a 4th grade community of learners.  Ask your child about “Reading Groups” later this week.

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