Gary Hogg – Author Visit

Author 1Today a published author visited our school.  Gary Hogg has written many books in a series, featuring a character named Charlie Bacon.




Author 2Our 4th & 5th graders started out the morning in the Auditorium listening to Gary speak about writing and being an author.  After our 4th grade students came in from recess, we went immediately to the gym for a “Writing Workshop”.  It was really great to spend time writing with an author.  Gary took the time to inspire our students in many ways.

Some of the writing goals our students might consider include:

  • Writing more (spending more time / sharing more thoughts)
  • Focus as writers (not worry about having a sharp pencil or taking a bathroom break)
  • Writing with more interesting vocabulary (even if we can’t spell things correctly)
  • Sharing a specific idea
    • for example, not the entire camping trip, just one small part of the trip
  • Using the skill of “revision” or “revising” in order to make things better
    • Revise: add, remove, and move words and phrases

Author 4What a fantastic opportunity for our students.  Please take the time to ask your 4th grade writer about what they learned.




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