Two of Denver’s Fantastic Museums

History-1We had a wonderful day exploring two of Denver’s fantastic museums.  We enjoyed our morning at the History Colorado Center.  Ask your student about who they became in Keota the high plains town of the past.  What were some of the daily jobs or tasks they needed to complete?  Ask about the Dust Bowl and how we experienced a dust storm.  What were some of the difficulties of this time in history?

History-2What other types of Colorado history does your child appreciate.

We had a great guide, named Dan and we learned a lot.  He also complimented our students and said they were one of his BEST groups with fantastic questions. History-3 History-4 History-5 Art-2After eating lunch, we walked to the Denver Art Museum.

The two museums we visited today are very close and worth visiting both in one day if you are able to.  Especially since the art museum now offers FREE admission to all kids 18 and under.


Art-1The art museum has also created numerous kids activities including hands on art projects, games, costume reenactment, and even a puppet show near the European Masterpieces.  Our 4th grade students are very creative and interested in the visual arts, so this was a great way to end our day.

What a fantastic day of learning! Art-3

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