Writer’s Workshop: Stamina

img_5063Our 4th grade students will become authors this school year as they practice writing during Writer’s Workshop.  During this time students have been working on “building stamina” as writers.  Just like an Olympic athlete practices and grows stronger, slowly building stamina over time, our students are building stamina as writers.


img_5062Students have been busy learning about the writing process, as they develop their skills and abilities.  Many students are enjoying the time to “free write” while writing a story, poem or other writing they wish to pursue.  They are excited about writing which is the most wonderful part of all.

On Monday, an author, Gary Hogg will visit and spend parts of the day with our students.  Gary will meet with our students from 8:10-9:10 in the Auditorium.  He will share about himself as an author and some of his ideas on writing.  After lunch, our 4th grade students will go to the gym with their journals and a pencil.  Gary will spend 1:00-2:00 coaching our students through a writing session to help them grow and develop.  They will learn how to add detail and descriptive vocabulary in order to bring a small moment to life.  Unfortunately, Monday is our early dismissal day, but students can keep writing at home anytime they feel inspired.

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