A Day to Celebrate Reading!

Today was a day to celebrate reading, on March 2nd, the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  Our students started the day with a literacy assembly in the Auditorium.  Shortly after the assembly Senator Michael Johnston visited our classroom to visit and read a book.  After he finished reading Senator Johnston asked us about Ameritowne.  As you can imagine our students were very excited to share the government learning they’ve experienced in preparation for our day at Ameritowne.  Each student in our class proudly shared their job position and where they work.  The questions our students asked were very interesting and show just how much they’ve been learning about the legislation process.  Today is not only a day to celebrate reading, but a day to celebrate learning!

Senator Johnston is running for governor of Colorado in our next election.  Who knows?  Maybe your child met the future governor of Colorado today?

Later during the morning, we had another guest reader visit.  Denver Nugget and KU Alum Mark Randall joined our students.  Everyone really enjoyed his powerful message to be who you are, be an individual.  We want to thank all of the guest readers who visited and brought literature to life.  A special thank you goes to Michael Mazurana our elementary principal who organized our special day.  Our University Bulldogs had an amazing day of reading.  A day to remember!

The Greeley Tribune featured our fourth grade class in the newspaper.  Read the digital story of University Schools reading success.  If you would like a printed copy, our class is featured on the back of the front page (page 2) of The Greeley Tribune on Friday, March 3.

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