Ameritowne Election Day

Today we enjoyed a wonderful Ameritowne Election Day!  Our ceremony in the Auditorium was extra exciting as an active district judge joined as a guest speaker.  We had both Ed Clark, the former mayor of Greeley, as well as Judge Marcelo Kopcow one of our current District Judges for Weld County.

We want to thank all of the students for being a wonderful audience.  In addition we want to thank the parents who joined us to support the student candidates.  Also a special thank you goes to Mrs. Bates for taking up close pictures of our candidates on stage.

From our class Brevon Doss was running for mayor and Teddy Rothe was running for judge.  Both of these individuals shared great reasons why they should be elected.  Tomorrow afternoon (Friday) after school, we plan to post Ameritowne job positions on our 4th Grade Ameritowne bulletin board in the hallway.  If your child is absent or cannot remember the job they received, feel free to send an email and I can verify the position of employment they will have on our day at Young Ameritowne, on Wednesday, March 8.

UPDATE:  Brevon was elected as mayor and Teddy was elected as judge.  We are very proud of both of our classmates.  Brevon and Teddy will work hard and do an amazing job in Towne Hall.  Congratulations to everyone and all of the incredible job positions.

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