Suwolbong Geological Wonder

Today our 4th grade students had the exciting opportunity to visit Suwolbong Peak which is truly a geological wonder.  Students reflected on how Jeju Island was formed and how today we find mostly volcanic rocks (igneous).  Next, students noticed the layers of rock along the peak were sandstone (sedimentary).  This is extremely fascinating on an island full of volcanic rock.

During our hike along the ocean, the goal was for students to notice signs of weathering and erosion.  It was easy to notice erosion along the coastal rocks.  Students quickly decided the salt water had washed over the rocks for many years, creating the smooth, weathered volcanic rock.


At other places along the hike, we noticed plants growing in the sandstone rock layers.  Some students made the connection that roots from trees and plants is another form of weathering that can occur overtime.

It is impressive to see so many young geologists and outdoor enthusiasts.

We had an incredible day of outdoor learning and science investigation.  Today will be a day students remember for many years into the future.  How fortunate we are to explore and discover this island we live on. Students worked very well together and continued to share their science discoveries as we returned to school.

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