Character Traits

During Reader’s Workshop we are currently studying character traits.  Students are discovering that their favorite books often have complex characters.  The people we enjoy reading about the most have many imperfections.  As a reader, a story is often more interesting if a character struggles with a real life problem or issue.


Students spent time writing and reflecting on the internal and external character traits a character could have.  Each student used a template in their notebook in order to develop an extensive list of character traits.

Next, we will use what we have studied during Reader’s Workshop in order to be better writers.  Our class is currently studying realistic fiction during Writer’s Workshop.

Students are beginning to draft the realistic fiction story they plan to write.  Today students recognized that everything we have studied about internal and external character traits is extremely helpful while developing a character for our realistic fiction stories.

Each student has thoughtfully considered, will the character be similar to themselves or to someone they know.  Students are trying to create compelling characters, while considering world issues and other personal struggles.  We are very proud of the young authors and can’t wait to read their stories in the future.

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