Nonfiction: Natural Disaster Magazines

After a four week process of studying nonfiction text features and conducting research, our students completed their Natural Disaster Magazines and shared with 1st grade students.

The first steps were to fully understand the various nonfiction text features. These concepts were later applies as our students wrote five different styles of nonfiction writing: description, cause & effect, compare & contrast, problem & solution, and sequence of events.

Our students chose from six different topics: Tornado, Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Hurricane, and Wildfire. These topics were explored through books and professional research databases. We are very proud our students even learned how to create a work cited page to share their references.

Finally, once the diagrams were completed, students had finished their pictures (with captions), and even added a glossary with key words. Once all of these incredible nonfiction elements were completed, students “published” their magazine to share. Our 4th grade student leaders were thrilled to share with the 1st grade audience. After countless weeks the culmination of sharing the project was fantastic for all.

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