Topographic Maps of Colorado

salt-dough-1Our 4th grade students have been learning about Colorado geography.  Since we have such fascinating state geography, with so many different regions, it has been a great opportunity to create a physical model of Colorado.  Students formed into groups to mix flour, salt and water into “Salt Dough”.  It was great to observe our students using math skills including fractions and measurement.

salt-dough-2Next, student created a topographic map of Colorado forming dough into mountains, raising the surface to the west to create a plateau and lowering the plains across the east.  Students used their best geographic and artistic skills combined.

The next step of the project was to paint the specific regions separate colors.  Once the paint was dry, students were able to cut out labels and glue the names of cities, national parks, monuments, rivers and more.  Our students are ambitious and creative.

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