Math Groups – Festive Fun!

math-groups-1During our last week of school in 2016, student Math Groups have been busy with festive holiday fun.

As you can see from the picture, our Math Group completed their “Fact Family Neighborhood” while experimenting with geometry, as they measured and cut paper, to unfold their personal snowflake creations.math-groups-2

Our Math Group also enjoyed solving mystery pictures with Cuisenaire Rods and Mosaic art work.  It has been a festive fun time to listen to math music and enjoy math learning in a different way.

Encourage math learning during our break from school.


Some ideas include:

  • Measurement and fractions while making a recipe
  • Create a “Guess the Groceries” game while shopping.
    • Cover the price and ask your child to guess the cost.
    • Or have your child estimate and add the total cost while shopping
  • Using a deck of playing cards to play “Multiplication War”
  • Older siblings can create a BINGO game (maybe SANTA?) for younger siblings
    •  The questions can be math facts.
    • Example: Next is a number in column S. The number is 6-4 = ?
  • Play “Guess the weight” use a scale and select objects around the house.
    • Have everyone write down their predictions.
    • Add up points, see who guesses closest to the actual weight of the object.
  • Going on a road trip – Countless math games are available online.

What new math games and ideas can our students come up with during break?math-groups-3


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