High School is Amazing!

ZoologyOver the past two weeks our class has enjoyed visiting high school classrooms.  As a K-12 learning community we look forward to learning together on a multi-age campus.

December is such a fun and exciting time of year that students often return to school in January to sadly discover all the festivities are over.  This January our class decided to keep celebrating; by celebrating learning as we discover that “high school is amazing”.

Over the past two weeks our 4th grade class has:

  • explored the writing process with 11th grade students
  • learned about polynomials with Algebra II Honors
  • designed a clay tile in Advanced Ceramics
  • dissected a starfish in Zoology
  • experienced food groups and the Elephant Game in Sign Language
  • listened to high quality vocal performance from the Concert Choir
  • making homemade applesauce in Catering

Sign Language

The process has been eyeopening as our 4th grade students have made new discoveries.  Although our young 4th grade students have many years before they enter high school, they now have a better understanding regarding the opportunities they will have in the future.  Now we know just how important everyday of 4th grade learning is, as we prepare for the future, because “high school is amazing”.

We want to thank the high school teachers who took the time to invite the 4th grade students into their classrooms.  In addition, we are thankful for the role models and leaders that many high school students became while sharing learning with us.

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